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Thuwal Gift is initiated by KAUST graduates and current students, and it aims to serve our community well with our characteristic gifts or souvenir collected from the world.

There are four categories of products now: 1, MENA gifts, which have elements from Middle East and North Africa, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and so on; 2, Oriental souvenirs, such as Fortune Sachet and Temple of Heaven Fridge Magnet from China; 3, Accessories for female, covering hand chains, brooches, necklaces and others with fashion design; 4, MirrorHE makeup mirrors, all of which are from Jingdezhen, a famous city for porcelain in the world for more than 1600 years. (It is interesting to know that the brand MirrorHE was named after the designer, whose family name is HE. In addition, HE also means "all-inclusive" in Chinese, which indicates the function of mirror.) Our products are worthy to be collected, kept and sent to your friends or relatives as gifts.
Most of the souvenirs here at Thuwal Gift are made by hand and many of them are unique in the world. For example, the patterns for every MirrorHE makeup mirror are different from each other, because of  "furnace transmutation" of the pottery natural process, and we should treasure the bounty of nature.
We have our own online shopping platform, which enable us to buy gifts or souvenirs more easily and conveniently. And we will try our best to deliver to you as soon as possible.
If you have any question or want to cooperate with us, please contact
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